...My Stegmaier Collection

Steg Taps - On left is a celluloid insert knob by Bastion Bros. Co. with Steg engraved on the top of the knob. In the middle is a metal insert ale knob by Fisher Prod. Inc.. To the right is a foil insert porter knob. It appears these porter foil inserts were glued over top of a regular Steg beer tap. Apparently not popular enough in taverns to warrant a high quality tap.
Ten variations of ball taps from the 30's and early 40's. Some of these had small Steg inserts on the back and some had Steg engraved on the top of the ball.
Two examples of freezer taps from the same period. On the left is the more common flat design and on the right is the less common design of a ball top put on a freezer handle.Both have small Steg inserts on the back.

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