Making of a Sign

The Weiller Company, Philadelphia 34, Pa.

These photos are from items recently realeased from the Weiller Company archives. I was fortunate to get most of the pieces that went into an actual cardboard sign distributed by Stegmaier Brewing Company of 1940's vintage.

Artist mock up of sign presented to Stegmaier for approval. Note generic tap knob and cooler top. Stegmaier liked this one and approved it for production. Following are progressive press proofs of the process. Proof #1
Proof #2 Proof #3 (1 & 2 overlay) Proof #4
Proof #5 (3 & 4 overlay) Proof #6 Proof #7 (5 & 6 overlay)
Proof #8 Proof #9 (7 & 8 overlay and final product) Actual 12 x 6 inch cardboard sign in my collection. (Was not distributed with a frame.) Note the finished tap knob insert and moderized cooler top, apparently suggested by Stegmaier.

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